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Improving Young Minds through Sport.

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Mission Statement

Sporty Minds has been set up to ensure that all children and young people are able to feel the
profoundly positive impact sport can have on their mental health.

We will do this by ensuring that we break down the barriers children face accessing sport and
staying in sport so that children can transform their lives through developing connectedness to their
community, building resilience, problem solving and learning about how to care for their bodies and
their minds.

Happy girl swimming in pool

For the Community, 
From the Community

Our aim is to support those in the local community where children can access more sports to help with their well-being. It will offer families a chance to reconnect through sport, and to offer a service to those children who live locally to seek advice, support and therapy when competing in performance sports. This will all be run by a team of experienced professionals within the community sector. We will use sports and physical activity as a vehicle towards improving the lives of children and young people, developing friendships and providing opportunities. As well as capturing the needs and wants from children and young people involved in Sport at elite level.

Founded by Local Businesses

Click below to find out more about our founding collaborating CICs, Inclusive Sports Academy and Ordinary Magic. 

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Founding companies Ordinary Magic CIC and Inclusive Sports Academy CIC have shared expertise and experience, and through a shared idea and collaborative approach have come to form Sporty Minds. Both have a shared range of children and young people within SEMH, SEND and challenging behaviours. 

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