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About Us

What Do We Do? 

We will offer a variety of sports activities such as tennis, football, rugby and multi sports to children who may not have access to sport, or who need encouragement.  We also aim to offer therapy, sports psychologists and other support to those who may need help with their well-being around the pressure that is ever so present in sport today.

Sporty Minds Christmas Event

Our Events:

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Paraplegic Sporting Event

SEND Active

We are fortunate to have taken on the SEND active programme of events aimed specifically at Children and Young People. 

Outdoor Training

Elite 4 sport

Specifically designed psychology support plans to benefit children and young people involved in sport at an elite level. This is to help them holistically with their developmental needs, alongside parents and coaches.

Kids Running

After School Programme

Bespoke programmes aimed at children and young people who are not engaged in enough regular sports activities. Termly programmes are designed specifically to remove the current barriers faced.

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